The Mechanics of Creativity

“Creating something new requires Influence from many different sources. Everything we make is a mix of our life experiences, the experiences of others, & existing creations “- Gerardo Vazquez

The 3 C’s of Creation

1. Copy

An idea first needs to be copied. It doesn’t need to be fullied copied but copied. Example: a guitar player learns how to play one of his/her favorite songs. Maybe the guitar player doesn’t learn the song completely, but atleast takes something from the song. Whether it be a melody, a beat, or an effect.

2. Convert

Then that idea needs to be converted/altered. Creative guitar players usually have an interesting way of transforming old ideas into new ideas. Usually, the transformation is done through making mistakes. Yes, you read right. Mistakes usually lead to very good “original ideas”. In the guitar player analogy, the guitar player learns a melody but makes a mistake. whether the person plays a wrong note, or their guitar is out of tune, the mistake itself converts the original idea into a new idea.

3. Combine

The copied idea needs to be combined with another copied idea or transformed by the mistake to be made into a new creation. In the guitar player analogy, not only does the guitar player make mistakes learning his/her first song but also combines it with the idea of playing it to a different beat, or playing different notes, or adding different special effects. in combining the 2 ideas, with or without mistakes you have a new creation.

Creation Analogy:

Consider creativity to be very similar to how a baby is made. A human baby is made of a sperm cell & an egg cell. Both the sperm & egg cell are cells that are copies of the genes of the father & the mother. The sperm cell & egg cell are the copies of genetic information that are transformed into these specific cells so they can combine to form a new human baby.

What is creativity?

Is it a gift that some of us are born with while others are not? Gladly, the answer is NO! While some of us in school or at home are taught that only a select few, with imaginations that peak into other universes, are able to be creative, there are others of us that are aware that creativity, like anything else in life, is like a muscle that needs to be exercised for any real growth to happen.

Here is a simple formula as to how creativity works:

Subject A + Subject B = Creative new idea.

Creativity doesn’t have to be complicated nor something grand. All humans are creative, we just don’t notice it sometimes. for example, a parent has knowledge that their daughter is hungry (subject A) & McDonald’s serves food. that parent knows that food satisfies hunger (Subject B), therefore they feed their daughter a Big Mac to satisfy her hunger (Creative new idea). Recognize that creativity lies in ALL of us, in all of our daily lives.

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