The Importance Of Learning Gratitude


“Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K. Hessel’s life. His breakfast will taste better than any meal you and I have ever tasted.”- Tyler Durden, Fight club

Today as I was leaving work, I met an older gentleman by the name of Josh. josh is one of the most heartfelt veterans I have ever met. He explained to me his story about how his travels & experience of being in the navy had opened his eyes to some many things that many of us, especially myself, in america are still blind to.

“Our poor have no idea of what true poverty is, even the poorest man here has transportation, food, shelter & a cell phone. Over there (referring to places like Thailand & Indonesia) poverty means that starvation is your best friend “. He explained to me that when he returned from his active duty, something about being home for the first time in months felt different. was it the dust that had settled? maybe it was the fresh hair cut. Or maybe, seeing people suffer starvation had shown him just how blessed he was to live in & be… an american.

” People say that the only thing that matters is getting from point A to point B… I whole heartedly disagree ” He said, wiping a grateful tear from his eye. Because of his willingness to learn from his life experiences, Josh was able to find a deep soul peace & satisfaction that not even the strongest of tornados can blow away.

If we are smart, we will pray not for an easy life but rather a life full of learning & lessons, for how can we truly enjoy life without pain to make us realize just how joyful the feeling of happiness really is?  know that GOD is with you, as HE is with all of us.