The Limits of Search Engines

Just like anything else, Search Engines aren’t perfect.

Some of the common limitations/problems of Search engines are:

  • Search Engines can’t complete forms online (like a login page), which can make exploring the info behind that page nearly impossible.
  • Some SE’s look for original content might have issues with websites that use a CMS (Content Management System)which creates copies of the same page.
  • Use of uncommon terms: text that isn’t written in words that people commonly use. For example, describing something as a “liquid transportation device” when people call that a “straw”.
  • Language subtleties & meanings: for example people’s use of “your” & “you’re”. Or how some people use the phrase “that was a steal” when they really mean “it was a good deal or beneficial transaction”.
  • Mixing context: the title of a blog post is “fishing for bass” but the post talks about the snowy weather of Canada.

Make sure you share your Content

Make sure to market the content. Making great content is only half of the equation, the other half is sharing that content with people. Part of what the search engines do to organize results is to track what people do with your content: whether they like it, comment on it, etc. therefore, share your content, don’t just make it.

Other websites that might help:

Quora: What are the limitations of Search engines

4 Common SEO limitations

Paul Wallbank: The Limits of SEO


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