How To Do A Keyword Research

Learning to rank for the right keywords that your target market has a high demand for is critical.

It’s not about the quantity of traffic that you receive but the right kind of traffic. SEO is a process which requires testing, experimenting, & improvement. Doing research requires you to create a hypothesis, test it, & repeat the process.

Questions you need to ask:

What keywords are relevant to my website? Will people find what they are looking for on my site if they use these key words? Will it result in the accomplishing any of your goals, financial or organizational?

Do your own search:

Who are the top results for these key terms? Are there search ads at the top & right hand side of the results page? When you see ads for these keywords, it means they are high value keywords.

  • Try your own google adwords campaign
  • Use data to determine the value of each keyword
  • Longtail Keywords versus Common Keywords

According to, “popular search terms actually make up less than 30% of the searches performed on the web. The remaining 70% lie in what’s called the “long tail” of search”. Longtail keywords are basically very specific & long key words such as “Best price on bass fishing lures” versus the common “fish lures”. Studies have shown that the majority of people who use generic terms are just browsing versus a person using very specific longtail keywords are looking for specific information which are more likely to purchase. The longtail keywords often convert better because they get people who search for products or services much later in the buying/conversion cycle.

Return on Investment in the Keyword Industry

Something to keep in mind is that one has to measure the value (demand) of the keyword relative to the work needed to achieve high results. Example: if the value of the keyword “bass fishing lures” is $10 but to achieve high results will cost you $20 then it is not a wise choice.

Helpful resources for Keyword Research:


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