Links And Their Relation To Growing Popularity

How do links make a website valuable?

  • If websites that have authority are linking to your website then your website is going to increase in authority.
  • Topic specific links are more valuable than generalized or completely different sites. Example: if you sell fishing equipment, a link from a fishing magazine website is more valuable than a link from a website on bird watching.
  • Linking to high trust domains such as universities, government & non-profit organizations.
  • Use of Anchor text
  • Be selective of the websites you link to & link to you
  • Earning new links needs to be continuous, if not engines might rank you lower
  • Get shares on social media (Facebook, twitter, Google+)


Ways to Build Links (3 types)

  • Editorial Links- People want to link to you or your website. This is done by creating content that is valuable.
  • Outreach Links- this is done by emailing bloggers for links, signing up on directories, or paying for listings.
  • Created Links- guest book signing, forum signatures, blog comments, or user profiles.

4 Link Building strategies

  • Get people to link to you (Send logos with links, pictures that link back to your page)
  • Make a blog that is informative, entertaining, & valuable
  • Create content that catches people’s attention. Make it a useful & actionable piece, or informative piece, or make it funny to create a viral sharing effect.
  • Buy links from companies like Google & Bing

What is the best choice?

Spending time creating quality content, so that in the long-term links continue to be built in a natural “editorial” way.


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