Why Should We Help Others?


Because according to the Bible (James 2:26) “Faith without works is Dead” ?

No no NOO! there are many people who misguidedly believe this quote and drag themselves into all sorts of guilt & despair because they can’t do the wonderful works that pastors from mega churches do; such as baptizing thousands, preaching the gospel daily, etc.

First off, we can’t buy salvation with good works. A man doesn’t become a Christian in God’s eyes without acknowledging his desperate need for Jesus to atone for his sins. True obedience begins in one’s own soul, something that no one can see, hear, touch, taste, smell, or understand.

A better version of the verse would be “If GOD gives us the resources to do good works, then we will do so out of the great respect & love that we have for our GOD. Not to earn an extra special position in heaven, but rather that we care so much about GOD’S feelings that we do good works because it makes HIM smile to see that we care so much”. GOD is not human that HE needs to see our good works but rather has a better understanding of our resources, our thought & where our heart is at. The reason I make a reference to resources can be explained in the following example.

Example: Joe is addicted to many hard drugs such a cocaine, meth, etc. Joe finally feels the convictions of GOD & chooses to be obedient to GOD’S voice but can’t shake his addiction. Because of this addiction, he steals money, can’t hold on to a job & much less give his daughter a proper home. Any human being looks upon Joe with discust & judges him as a rebel who spits in GOD’S face. What does GOD see? GOD sees a soul who HE dearly loves & who is very obedient & receptive to HIM. GOD is the ONE who gives us strength to overcome our addictions & to do good works, therefore works aren’t proof of a good relationship between your soul & GOD.

So why do we do good works?

Simple, when HE gives us the resources to do so & asks us to do so, we are obedient to HIM because we have such a deep love & respect for GOD that it satisfies us to just see HIM smile.

*** As always, before you trust anything I say or any other fool who claims to know spiritual truths (no matter how fancy their credentials are) it would be in your best interest to go to GOD HIMSELF and ask HIM. No one can teach you truth but HIM, therefore HE is the only one qualified to be your spiritual advisor.

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