Myths About SEO

The Following Myths & Misconceptions about SEO can keep us from investing in activities which don’t increase SEO value:

Meta Tags– meta tags have been overused & therefore not important to engines anymore. Although, a title tag & Meta description tag are very important for quality SEO.

Keyword Overuse– keyword density is not important but a smart use of keywords is. Keep in mind that your page needs to be people friendly.

Paid Search engine advertisements– One of the biggest myths is that paying for advertising (Pay per click or PPC) improves your website’s rankings. Well, it doesn’t. Are you desperate for better results? Spend that money on developing quality content, it’ll last longer & get you real results.

Spamming people equals profits– Nope, engines are getting smarter & are throwing spam into the trash. Plus the return on investment of spamming people is very low, engines spend a lot of time deleting spam.

Tips that can help increase SEO

  • Register your website with Google or Bing’s webmaster tools. This increases the trustworthiness & connection between your website & search engines.
  • Develop quality content on your site.
  • Make sure content is relative to your website

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