The Journey or The Destination?

There are many times that as humans, we very much want to reach a specific destination in our lives.

We just want that one job, we just want to marry that one person, we just want to be successful.
We embark on these journeys and try to get there as fast as possible. When we finally get what we wanted we often feel angry and frustrated because we spent all of this time & energy trying to achieve something that we thought would make us happy but instead we realized that it made us no happier than when we started. What was the point of even trying to obtain these things?
The value lies in the journey not in the destination. One of my favorite movies, Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, the protagonist and his wise mentor embark on a long hike up a mountain. In this scene, the wise man points to a rock and says ‘this is what we came to see’. As the protagonist freaks out,  the wise man points out that if they hadn’t set out on this journey the young man would have never felt the joy that he did, had he not climbed up the mountain.
Now, in real life, our journeys with GOD aren’t a piece of cake. They aren’t easy & they certainly aren’t pain-free. GOD designed us in such a way that we not only are in a constant state of change but that we also change at an extremely slow pace. Why? Why not just start us off in heaven where we’re happy, comfortable & pain-free. Because it is through a variety of life experiences & trials that we develop deep & personal bonds with our CREATORS. GOD is also a very big fan of teaching & relating to HIS creatures. Picture this, 2 men who are complete strangers go to war & in a very short time develop a great friendship. How & why is that? Because they both experienced trials together.
We will have many problems & adversities in our journeys with GOD, but we should welcome HIS purposeful teaching, not avoid it.  Does this mean that we should be happy-go-lucky all the time? No, that is completely foolish. GOD very purposefully places these trials into our lives to give us the opportunity to learn, to grown, & to deepen our relationships with HIM.
What we should do is pray to GOD “help me to learn as much as I can, grow as close to you as I can from this, & love you above everything else”.
Praying a prayer like this is not only wise but it is one the best decisions that you will ever make in your life. For true soul satisfaction is not found on this earth or the things it has to offer, but in GOD alone & our relationship with HIM.
Here are some articles that provide more detailed explanations:

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