Why Does Pursuing GOD Cost Me So Much?

We humans don’t value anything that comes easy.

We humans were designed to have a relationship with GOD. This is our mission, our life’s purpose, the meaning woven into the very fabric of our existence. Forget heaven & hell for just a second, & focus on the fact that our soul is eternal. I find it hard to believe that an all power & infinitely complex GOD made us just to place us in one of two places after a brief time on earth. Part of this design is that we develop deep bonds with whatever it is that we consciously choose. Here’s the cherry on top, GOD makes it choosing to pursue HIM the much more difficult choice. Being selfish & self-centered aren’t things that we are taught, but rather a basic design of the bodies that we are born with.

Adding onto us having to choose, there is an added detail to our design in which we become most bonded to whatever we choose most frequently. A good example is when someone saves up money for a boat they have been wanting to buy. This person is much more eager & bonded to the boat because they have consciously chosen it multiple times. Compare this scenario to that of a person who impulsively buys a dress because it looked good on a mannequin only to throw it away because they didn’t feel attached to it anymore.

Why do our GODS go through all of this trouble? Knowing that our purpose is to relate to them as dynamic creatures of choice, it makes our choosing to pursue them be that much more meaningful. It’s very easy to do something when it is a pleasant choice, but when the choice is much more difficult, our choice suddenly is much deeper in meaning to us.

If we are wise, we will ask our GODS to help us choose THEM for now & forever.


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