Why Is Discovering Truth So Scary?

Knowing truth is a very difficult affair.

 It makes us see all of the hard work that is needed to be done, failures that need to be experienced, & heartbreak that is needed to be had.

Take this as an example: Many people want to learn how understand their bibles better & what it is that our GODS expect of us. But not only are the books in the bible out of order, but there is also much crude & graphic content (Such as people being Gang Raped or people Burning Their Children Alive as offerings to pagan gods.)

These are very daunting things, especially for christians who foolishly believe that GOD is a GOD of only love, mercy & grace. We need to wake up to the fact that our GODS created this world & everything in it, including all the evil we see in it. GOD even said so HIMSELF, that HE created evil in Isaiah 45:7.


Why is discovering the truth such a scary thing?

Because; 1) truth doesn’t make us feel happy nor blisfully ignorant, 2) because it means there is much more that we don’t know about (which means we still have a long journey ahead), & 3) truth forces us to ask questions, to think, and to change. We humans don’t like change or thinking, we just want to be happy & have our needs provided for.


Why should we strive to grow deeper in our understanding of truth & GOD? 

There are something that you just can’t explain using words. There is a deep peace, satisfaction & joy that only comes from pursuing our GODS with everything that we are. Even if we are only moving forward with baby steps, we still feel that deep sense of joy & peace. Our souls long for true intimacy with our GODS because THEY made us this way.


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