How To Have A Truly Balanced Diet

Think of Nutrition as a beautiful rainbow.

We Will Examine the 2 Main Areas Nutrition Affects, and what a truly Balanced Diet looks like (Despite what many pompous nutrition experts say).

Areas Affected By Nutrition

1. Body Function

Food mostly affects how our body works. Eating well means better brain function, higher althetic performance, etc. It makes sure that our organs fuction well, that we can dispose of waste properly, that we can defend against dieseases & sicknesses.

2. Emotions

Although part of bodily function, it is important to note that although food affects how our body works, we are not just machines that eat to work but another component of food is pleasure & physical enjoyment. The foods we eat have the power to affect our emotional state, whether in a good way or bad way.

What Does a truly Balanced Diet looks like?

Forget counting your micro & macro nutrients. Focus on the far better goal of having a balanced diet that not only keeps you happy & satisfied but also keeps your body working well. While it is recommended to stay away from junk food, in practice this is impossible. So instead of making yourself go through guilt trips, you should enjoy junk food while including foods that are very healthy for you.

Like the rainbow analogy that I mentioned at the beginning it’s important to have variety in your diet. Since everyone has different preferences for what they like & don’t, I won’t be specific but very general. It’s not about what you don’t eat but what you do eat. (Think of it as glass is half full versus glass half empty analogy). It doesn’t matter that you don’t eat McDonald’s if all you eat is sugary cereal & drink Kool aid. It is far better that you enjoy McDonald’s every once in a while, but also eat fruits, veggies, & wholesome carbs.

For example: Since I can’t function without carbs, I enjoy chocolate candy, & can do without chips & other junk food my diet looks something like this: I eat 3 large meals a day with some snacks in between. My meals consist of a large amount of past or rice with fish, meat, cheese, etc, I drink lots of water or warm tea. I’ll have a piece of fruit with each meal like a banana, an orange, a large cold grapefruit.  I’ll include a side of veggies at lunch time like cabbage, broccoli, corn, etc. I’ll have sandwiches with peanut butter, cheese, ham, etc. I’ll even enjoy a large chocolate bar every other day. Is my diet always like this? No, diets change constantly as we get tired of certain foods & start to like the taste of other foods.

Since you know your preferences, you know how you will like to structure your meals. But I do recommend that daily you eat foods that give you energy, make you healthy, & make you feel happy.



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