Ladies, Does Makeup Really Matter?

TV, movies, & social media brainwash women into thinking they have to be physically perfect to have a happy life.

Every year, there are millions of dollars spent on advertising for beauty products. There are more categories of beauty products then there are parts in an airplane. For what purpose do these makeup products exist? To make money off of women who believe they are not beautiful enough.

Well, Ladies, you don’t need any make up to be happy.

What do men find attractive in a woman? 

While some guys do like girls that put make up on there is an increasing number of men that like women who are “naturally beautiful”. Some men believe that women are more down to earth, more likely to go outdoors, & do things if they wear less make up. Life experience proves this to be true because since doing your make up takes time, the time you use to put on make up is time that you’re not doing activities that most people enjoy.

The online dating website Zoosk conducted a study in which they found ” 57% of men don’t think red lipstick on a date is attractive; 66% don’t find a date more attractive if she’s wearing dark eye makeup; and 82% find “natural” hairstyles to be most attractive”. I conducted research myself in which I asked 200 men about their preferences in women & makeup usage & about 78% of them explained that they like a woman who looks natural & that they actually Prefer a woman with flaws. They say it makes her look more approachable, easy to talk to, & confident.

Men don’t want a Barbie doll, they want a partner that is open to experiencing life with them.

What should you do instead of putting on layers of makeup?

Obviously every guy is different & likes different things. It’s recommendable that you pick up a hobby or pursue an interest you enjoy. At the end of the day, your looks attract the guy but your heart & mind are what makes him stay.

This article might explain more:

Clothes, Makeup & Jewelry: Guidance for Christian Women


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