What Do The Best Websites Have In Common?

Competition for SEO top rankings is stiff, so you have to be smart about how you set up your website.


A simple & easy to use website

Most people don’t have time to read too much info, so keep your content short & to the point. Also, make sure it’s easy to navigate & easy to read.


A clean Website Design

Clutter doesn’t help. Don’t try to fill up your webpage with lots of stuff. Also, make sure your content is in an easy to read font, grammatically correct & easy to understand words, & phrases.

Example: look at Google’s website. It has lots of white space & only includes a search bar, Google’s logo & a few buttons on the top of the page, bottom, & under the search bar.


Organic Website Traffic

First make sure you optimize your page’s SEO with relevant keywords, tags, & descriptions.


Online Visitor Retention

How do you retain visitors? Easy, offer them something of value. This can be in the form of E-books, special access to the website, giveaways, etc. if your site is valuable, people will keep coming back. Everyone defines value as something different, so find your target audience & offer them the value they seek. You can even exchange value for contact info & data on your visitors so that you can use that for marketing later on.


Mobile device Compatibility

Since most people use their phones & tablets to browse the internet, it is important that you make your website easy to use for mobile devices.


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