Why You Shouldn’t Ask For Advice

In this post we explain why you shouldn’t ask for advice & what you should do instead.

1. Every Situation is different

Our world is so complicated & changes so much that we can’t possibly be prepared for everything. Sometimes we find advice that was perfect for 1 situation but completely wrong in another just because of 1 small detail that changed the entire situation.

2. Everyone is biased & has a secret agenda

Everyone has things that they see better than others & other things that they are completely blind to. You would be foolish to think that you know everything, but it is important that you value your opinion & thoughts as higher than others because at the end of the day, it is what will be guiding your decisions. Sometimes people give you advice to sabotage you, or to make themselves feel better about wrong beliefs that they have. When you ask for someone’s thoughts or advice, don’t just accept it, but rather question everything that is being said. take the good & throw the bad into the garbage.

3. Experience is your best teacher

We all know that going to school & getting a degree does nothing to prepare you for the real world. There’s a good reason why the top CEOs, millionaires, & successful business men dropped out of school & didn’t graduate. It’s because they understood that experience is more valuable than “book smarts”. There are so many variables that can affect a situation that you can’t read enough to be prepared for everything. So what’s the best thing to do? close your eyes & dive into the cold pool called life head first.

4. You’re Gonna do what you want to Do anyway

Most of us ask for advice to be validated in our feelings & sometimes we exaggerate facts & things that might be important in making a decision for someone who doesn’t know the full story. Sometimes people give us advice that we don’t wanna hear. So what should you do? Do what ever you want. If you make a mistake learn from it, if it goes well & you get what you want to learn from it also.

What should you do if you really want information on a topic?

Use different sources of information. Since everyone is biased it is best to use many different sources of information to shape your opinion. for example: if you want to know what it’s like to live in india, you should ask natives, ask tourists, read books, watch videos, & experience it for yourself. all of these different points of view not only show you different perspectives but also balance out your own point of view had you just used one of these sources of information.




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