How To Develop Total Fitness

You’re Perfect just the way you are, but if you want to lose some weight, feel energized & happier, or increase your athletic performance; then this post is for you.

What makes total fitness?

1. Nutrition

This Article has a complete guide on what you should eat & how. Food isn’t just about helping our bodies to function well but it is also about enjoying it. There’s no sense in trying to use restrictive diets if they only make you feel deprived, & then you end up stuffing your face after a couple of hours of starving yourself.

2. Gym Training

This Article has a complete guide on what exercises to do, What muscles each exercise develops, how many reps you should do for each specific goal you have. Success is just about showing up and doing the work. What work do you need to do? depends on what you want to accomplish.

3. Sports

Pick a sport you like & do it. Fitness in itself is great, but doing a sport complements your training & healthy lifestyle. It’s also very difficult to be consistent with a healthy lifestyle if you’re not doing a sport you enjoy.

4. Sleep

It’s important that you sleep. Everyone’s body is different so find what works best for you. If you don’t sleep you can’t function well. it’s that simple.

Here’s some motivation for you from the movie Dodgeball:

Ben Stiller’s ‘My Milkshakes’

Patches O’Houlihan’s “The 5 D’s Of Dodgeball”


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