The Prodigal Son: Untaught Lessons

Have you ever been jealous over GOD blessing someone else instead of you?

Whether we are new to the faith or have been faithful for quite some time, We all stray from GOD many times in our life. The Prodigal Son story is found in Luke 15:11-32. In the story, when the younger brother comes back repenting of his sinful ways & asking his father for forgiveness, the father throws a party in his honor. The older brother sees this is deeply hurt saying “I’ve obeyed you for so many years, but you never threw a party for me. Yet this sinful brat shows up after wasting your money & you throw a party for him!?”.

Before we dive into the father’s response, note that like the older brother, we humans sometimes can’t help but feel hurt & jealous when GOD decides to bless someone else instead of us. We see HIM give people better jobs, attractive spouses, good health & healing while we are stuck in bad situations feeling all depressed & alone. First, allow me to loving slap you across the face: GOD… does… not… owe… you… anything. If GOD wants to make your life miserable, HE gets to. Not only did GOD make you with his bare hands, but HE owns every last molecule in your body. We have no grounds for complaining with GOD.

So the father responds to his oldest son, ” Son, you have always been with me, and all that is mine is yours ” (luke 15:31). Sweet! So this means that we get everything the father owns!? No, it doesn’t. What the father meant was “My son, I see that you have always been with me, & I appreciate it so much that it is a gift to have you. You are pleasing in my sight & all of my love is yours”. GOD loves us all equally, & although this is true that doesn’t mean that HE overlooks his younger son’s bratty behaviour. Our actions have consequences. The father was pointing out to his eldest son that, the greatest gift he could receive was his father’s pleasure with him as well as the great heart bond that exists between the two.

Sometimes we get so focused on material blessing that we miss the point of our existence. We exist to please & to have a relationship with our GODS. Wether we get that fancy job or attractive spouse doesn’t matter, & many times these blessings distract us from our true purpose. If you are left feeling like the older son in the story, recognize that in GODs eyes you are very pleasing & that your greatest treasure is something that no one can take away.


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