Why Is It So Hard To Be True, Poem to God


Oh, my God

How I have prayed, but you do not answer

How I in my faith have swayed, yet you stay firm

my kind & gentle Master


Oh how I look up at the stars

Feeling alone & miserable

Wondering why your plan for me, is so invisible


How do I not see

Oh Creator of eyes & feet

For you’re too much to understand

I guess that’s why I never learned to fall, after I stand


I wish there were some way to know what you want

Instead of letting my ego flaunt

All of my great ideas, that only pull me away from you


Standing in the spotlight, center stage

Only to play the fool, Ingredients:

Ego, selfishness, & some pepper and sage

Where am I now?


To a place that has no view

No hope, no sense of wide-eyed wonder

Is it you who drags me down under?


Under what I strive,

Out from where I hide

My face from you

Why is it so hard to be true

& devoted, only to You



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