Will You Take Me To The Ball, Poem To God

Scared because I do not know
where we go, who will go
What it will be like, when darkness fell
or even, if my mother will be well

I trust that you are good
whether she will be here
Or somewhere else, I fear
That trusting you is at times is difficult
But here I sit in waiting…
it is 6 P.M.
& you arrive at a quarter to 9

I just don’t wanna miss this opportunity
the two of us, dancing
& enjoying each other’s company
I’ve spent all day
getting ready, for the part I will play
fixing my appearance
trying to appeal as

Your loveliest partner
knowing that you don’t care
for the outer, but rather my heart
how many times have I wanted to bless you
empty-handed, & nothing but to confess you
my wrong doings, & my hard falls
Will you my God
Please take me to the ball?

Hold me forever, for all eternity
& never let me go
for with you, I feel happiness in me,
In my soul, a tearful but happy glow


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