What Are Men Attracted To & How They Work

What are men attracted to?

Although all men are attracted to something different, men are very attracted by physical appearance. Sure most men do love a woman with a great personality, we men can’t judge a woman’s personality just by looking at her. We men are wired to be attracted to women by their physical appearance first, not their personality. That is why you find so many men falling in love with a woman they’ve never even met, they are so infatuated by her physical appearance.

How Do I get a guy to like me?

While men are attracted to what they see, I do not recommend that a woman dress in tight or revealing clothes just to get someone’s attention. Not only will you get the wrong kind of attention but you send the wrong message if you dress like that. It’s recommended that you look & smell nice, wear well-fitting clothes that makes you feel good. Men like women that feel good about themselves, no one wants to be with someone who hates themself.

How do you keep the sparks flying in a relationship, whether you’re happily married or in a long-term relationship?

Luckily, the majority of the effort needs to be done by the man. But something that might help is speaking clearly with your man. We men are terrible at reading in between the lines, so it would be helpful that if something bothers you that you say it to us directly.

Anatomical differences between men & women

If you compare the sex organs of a man & a woman, you will find that both are very different but have the same parts. for example: Both men & women have sex organs for 2 things: pleasure & reproduction. if you look at the structure of a man’s penis you will find that the pleasure center (The Glans) is connected to the reproductive part of the penis (Urethra) where sperm comes out of. If you look at a woman, the Vagina is separate from the pleasure center (The Clitoris). How does this translate into the way men & women think? Knowing this, it makes sense that men think of sex as a pleasurable recreational activity while women see sex as a means to have children & bond with their partner.

Are all men the same?

No, you will find that God loves variety in everything that He creates & therefore has created some men who have very little attraction to the physical aspect & more towards personality.

Why do most men only care about sex?

Simple, just like how I described that physically speaking, a man’s penis is structured as pleasure first & reproduction second, our brains think in the same way. Another big reason is because most men have been through traumatizing experiences in their life. for example: Joe’s dad never told him he was loved or valuable. Since Joe’s self-esteem is so low, he looks for self-worth in the amount of women he sleeps with. Also, the fact that most media nowadays portrays a man as being happy and worthy only if he has sex with many women does not help men separate their self-worth from the amount of sex partners they have.

How can I get a guy to like me for who I am instead of what I look like?

First you need to pursue development of righteous character and heart attitude. second, I recommend you don’t have sex with him. If the man chooses to leave you because you didn’t have sex with him, know that he was not the right guy & didn’t like you for the right reasons. Not having sex with a man helps you see if he’s with you for the right reasons but also protects you from being overly invested in him. Women should never give themselves away for free like that, only if you two are married should you engage in sex with a man.


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