How Does Google Rank Websites?

Search engines use math formulas called algorithms to rank web pages. While the exact formula used for each search engine is unknown & different, all engines operate on the same basic principles to rank websites.

What Factors affect a website’s ranking?


A backlink is when another website links to your website. The more websites link to yours the better. But you also want these websites to be reputable/quality websites & not low quality sites which can be spam sites, unrelated sites, etc. a reputable site is one that has a related topic to your website. Also the quality of your links are important, it’s better for the link to contain keywords that you want to rank for instead of generic “click here” links.

Webpage Optimization

Google search engines analyze your fonts, location of words, your content, & the content of similar sites. You need to optimize all of your webpages, not just 1 page. Your website is judged as a whole.

Social Networks

Content & website Backlinking are the most important factors to ranking. Also, the mention of your website on social networks is important. In importance, content is #1, Backlinking #2, & Social media mentions are #3.


Do. Not. Use. Spam. It is recommended that you do not use spam as a way to promote your website because search engines will remove your website completely from any search results.

What is considered Spam?

  • Cloaking- showing different pages to engines & people searching
  • Misleading redirect links
  • Hidden text- small fonts, text being same color as the background, & text hidden using CSS, & etc.
  • Automated links
  • Fake blog that only links to other websites
  • Automated links that on forums & blogs that link to your site

**Real SEO takes time to build search engine rankings but growth is steady and will be better in the long run.


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