What Are Women Attracted To & How They Work

1. What are Women Attracted To?

Although all women are attracted to different things, majority of women are attracted to personality & behavior rather than the outer physical appearance of a man.

How Do I Get A Woman To Like Me?

While all women are different & value different things, I recommend you pursue becoming the man you want to be. if you want to be a man after God’s own heart, then do it. as cliché as it sounds, There’s someone out there for everyone. You don’t want someone to like you for the wrong reasons because this will make you feel miserable. Some people recommend you get fancy clothes, others say it is in the confidence or humor. I say that these things only add onto who you are. While confidence & humor are important, these things come with time as you pursue becoming the man you want to be. Focus on developing your character & relationship with God & these things will be added to you. For example: if you want to have apples to eat you should first plant & water it every day. As a result you will have the apples you wanted.

Anatomical differences between men & women

If you compare the sex organs of a man & a woman, you will find that both are very different but have the same parts. for example: Both men & women have sex organs for 2 things: pleasure & reproduction. if you look at the structure of a man’s penis you will find that the pleasure center (The Glans) is connected to the reproductive part of the penis (Urethra) where sperm comes out of. If you look at a woman, the Vagina is separate from the pleasure center (The Clitoris). How does this translate into the way men & women think? Knowing this, it makes sense that men think of sex as a pleasurable recreational activity while women see sex as a means to have children & bond with their partner.

Are all women alike?

No, you will find that God loves variety in everything that He creates & therefore has created some women who can be characterizes as more manly in thought process or something else. But you need to understand that women like this are a very small percentage.

2. Getting the Number

Many women, especially women who date online, find themselves in a sea of weird and often times perverse men. Most women get hundreds of messages online that range from a boring hi to weird sexual messages. So how do you get a date?

First I recommend you hold a conversation with her, ask questions, share personal information about yourself, & be honest. Women will usually give you their number if they sense you’re genuinely interested in getting to know them instead of just trying to get sex.

3. Making The Date

When a woman gives you her number, this is a strong indicator that she’s interested in you. So do you do? text her a bit back and forth or call her, whichever you prefer, then ask her what days she free. when a girl gives you the days she’s free, pick a day and either set the time and place or ask for her preference. Whether you set the specifics of the date or she does, doesn’t matter. Set a place, day, & time to meet her.

The “Maybe” Date

So you get her number, you text back and forth and you ask her out and she says something along the lines of maybe or I have to check my schedule. This is bullshit, nobody is ever that busy or unaware of what their schedule is. If a woman is interested in seeing you she will make solid plans with you. Many women say they like to talk to men for fun only but this only waste people’s time by never really meeting them up. The women that do this often do this because they are bored but also because there is some hope that they might find love with someone online but doubt it. Women will never admit that they secretly are hoping for love but put themselves out there in a discreet way by saying “I’m just online for fun or because I’m bored”. Majority of people, especially women, love procrastinating meeting you up. Why? Because just like anybody else, they get nervous.

So what can you do about this? If you agree to her saying giving you a wishy-washy answer, she will disappear and never ever speak to you again, even if she genuinely liked you and even told you that she was planning on meeting you. I recommend you call her out on playing games and tell her that you will not accept a maybe date. Tell her that you will only accept a yes or no. You will have to wrestle back and forth with the girl until she finally sets a day, time & place to meet you. The girl might even try to change your plans last-minute with any excuse possible.

When a woman does this you firmly tell her that you plan on meeting her the day time & place you made plans with her and that you will not change your mind. Here’s a disclaimer: if the girl does have a genuine emergency she will give you a definite plan to do instead. For example: you planned to see her sunday afternoon at Starbucks but her grandma’s in the hospital and she says she can’t meet you up.

If the excuse is valid she will give you a different time to meet her up that same day or the next. Think of it: even if grandma is in the hospital, she’s not gonna spend all of her time sitting by the bed doing nothing.

4. The First Date

If you have a first date set up with a woman, you’ve obviously kept her interested enough in your conversation to take a chance at meeting you in person. When in person you do the same as you did when you emailed, called, or texted her. A good conversation is the cornerstone to any great relationship. Don’t know what to say? impossible! Each and every human being is an endless story, and beautiful song made by the hands of God. You simply have to ask questions, listen to what she says, genuinely care about what she says, and share personal things about yourself as well.

Why Do Some Women Have One Night Stands With You?

A woman who will sleep with you on the first might boils down to a couple of things: 1) she’s dealing with things, 2) she feels a great connection with you, 3) she just really enjoys sex.

1) She’s Dealing With Personal Issues

She is either getting a divorce,  recently broke up with someone she deeply loved, she needs the affirmation sex gives her due to childhood trauma she experienced, or has had too much to drink (which actually people who get too drunk usually indicates they have problems they are trying to cope with by drinking).

Since we don’t live in a perfect world, many people go through life experiences which are extremely painful & leave you with traumas/issues you have to deal with. Since many people are unaware of this, they leave their traumas/issues unresolved which over time can worsen and cause more problems. A good example is a soda can: the can itself holds a carbonated beverage, like sprite or coke. When you shake up the can too much, kick on it, or put it under a heavy load, the pressure inside of the can builds up. in some cases, the pressure can build up so quickly that the can explodes and therefore you have no more soda and the can is permanently damaged.

Sex is a way in which many people try to cope with their traumas not realizing that it only makes the situation worse. For example: a woman might not have been loved by her father as a child, as a result she feels desperate to be validated & affirmed by her father. Somewhere in her life, the woman convinces herself that she is valuable if she sleeps with many men. As a result she goes around sleeping with different men, because she is looking for that affirmation her father never gave her.

2) She Feels A Great Connection With You

For men sex is a fun activity you can do and then disconnect from. For most women, sex is a full body & mind experience. Women can get a feel for how a man is like by the way he holds a conversation with her. Does he listen? does he ask questions? does he speak with passion, conviction, rapture? Does he look her in the eyes when she speaks to him?

Conversation is a great way to gauge a person, great conversation equals great sex. Since it’s not every day that women meet a quality man, when they do meet one and have a great time & connection with him, why not enjoy that connection a bit further?

3) She Really Enjoys Sex

If you take anything away from this post, remember this: Humans. Are. Sexual. Creatures… women are no exception to this rule, sex feels great especially to women. Women orgasm in ways that men can’t even dream of. Men orgasm around the tip of their penis & it happens only once and then they are done. Women orgasm multiple times, and if done right, women feel the orgasm all over their body.

The best analogy I can make for the way both sexes feel orgasms is as follows: Men’s orgasms are kinda like splashing around in a kiddie pool versus women are fully consumed by a giant tsunami of bodily pleasure.


5. How do you keep the sparks flying whether you’re happily married or in a long-term relationship?

A relationship with a woman is something you need to keep putting effort into. Think of it as a flower in a garden. To grow & stay healthy, flowers need constant water & sun. If you forget to water your flower for too many days in a row, the flower begins to get weaker & eventually dies. The same applies to women, if you want her to continue to stay interested & love you; you need to keep taking her out on dates, care for her, & put effort into your relationship with her.



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