How To Pick The Right SEO Keywords For Your Website

Keywords determine success or failure.

Why do you need to use specific keywords?

  • Target customers use different keywords than you do. For example: most people search for “foot doctor” while you instead are using the keyword “Podiatrist”. If you don’t use the words your customers use, your website can’t be found.
  • Some keywords although, popular & searched often, aren’t used by people who want to buy something from you.

The 3 Types Of Keywords

Choose the right keywords to get more sales.

1. Browsing keywords

Common keywords are used to browse, usually to get information. Example: someone searches for doctor.

2. Comparison Keywords

People use narrowed key words to compare what product or service they want. Example: a person looking for a doctor might search for something more specific like a foot doctor or skin doctor. People who use these keywords are more ready to buy than the people who are browsing. You might have less search volume than targeting common/general key words but your percentages of sales increase. It’s also easier to rank high for these keywords.

3. Purchase-Ready keywords

People who are ready to buy & know what they want to buy use these key words. Looking for the best offer people use keywords like: foot doctor near Gainesville, Florida. These are the types of keywords that you should target.

Long-Tail keywords are more likely to have high conversion rates

People are more likely to make a purchase when they use many words in their searches than using fewer words. Search engines put all of your content into context. As you rank for long-tail keywords, your rank for common keywords goes up also.


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