SEO In A Nutshell

What is SEO?

It’s the process of making your web pages relevant to specific key words so that search engines show them to search engine users.

What should I consider when developing my website?

1. keywords you want to use

Selecting the correct key words for your website will help most. The most commonly used key words aren’t the best to use for SEO. What matters is attracting your target visitors so they buy from your website. Ranking high for common keywords is not important.

2. Web page optimization

The content on the webpage is the most important part to high rankings.

3. Backlinking

Backlinking are an important part that is used by search engines.

4. Results

It’s not about ranking high for common keywords, it’s about ranking high for the right keywords.

5. Spam

A small piece of spam on your webpages can undo all of your SEO.


How Does SEO Increase Sales?

  • Studies have shown that yearly, people spend billions of dollars online.
  • People use search engines to navigate the web.
  • Since people use search engines, the people clicking on your website are looking for solutions & information.

According to studies, About 76% of search engine users never move past the first page. This is why you want to rank in the top 10.


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