Speaking Of Wonders I Do Not Know , Poem To God

Why do You bless others?

Can’t you see they don’t deserve it?

Don’t you see the ways the mock & hate you?


Why don’t you bless me?

Can’t you see I need it?

Can’t you see me suffering?


why don’t you answer me?

can’t you see me, in all my loneliness?

can’t you see my life is falling apart?


I thought you were a Loving God,

a God who concerned Himself with my well being

I thought you were someone I could trust


Well I guess I don’t need you

& never will, because you were never



At this He appeared in a storm cloud,

with a thunderous booming voice calling

Out to me, Who is this that clouds judgement?

Who is it that questions things not seen & much less understood?


Brace yourself & buckle your pants,

Because I will question you, knowledgeable ant,

& you shall answer me,

To which the blind, will be made to see,


Have you seen the works of my hand,

Oh small disbelieving man?

Instruct me, where were you,

When the universe I created, with few,

words. Did you give the birds their song?

Make eagles fly for long?


Did you give the snake its poison?

Or the stars their illustrious shine & position?

For what, then will you questions He who was

Who is, Who is to come, as

the Angels’ song “He who sits on the throne,

who created all we know, & what we don’t

For He is worthy! The great I AM”


At this I Kneeled

With my forehead down

in fear at my words, I keeled

over, like a dead man.


I heard the sound of my words

& I hated them

I spoke once, spoke twice,

but I have nothing to say,

no wisdom, at my dismay.


I know now that I spoke of things

I will never understand

For You are too great, & your wonders

too vast. My ears had heard your words

But my eyes have seen Your Glory

& have been shut for testifying against you

with my false witness.


Therefore I hate myself,

Repenting & hiding in a dark corner,

Where no one will see me, or hear my blasphemies again.


But you extended to me, a lowly slave

An invitation, that extends into eternity,

All you ask is obedience & sincerity.


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