Why God Is Evil

Our Gods are only good because They say They are…

There’s a verse that says ” I form the light and create darkness; I make peace and create evil: I am the Lord that does all this” (Isaiah 45:7). The words good & evil are very loosely defined terms & we humans use them as we see fit. Many people see the suffering that happens in our world & say “Why is there is much suffering?” or “How does a good God allow so much suffering?”. Both of these aren’t good questions…

A better question would be “Why did our Gods create pain & suffering? Why do They make people suffer?”… Pain is a great teaching tool & it is the ingredient needed to make us grow. If you look at nature we see this principle at work in many things. For example: A small seed needs to be completely broken & destroyed for it to grow into a tree that bears fruit. In the same way humans need to suffer & experience pain for them to develop character, understanding, & a deeper relationship with God.

But wait a minute.. If our Gods are all powerful, & don’t create anything They don’t want to, then Why did They create pain & suffering? Why Invent the concepts of pain & suffering? Knowing that our Gods are all powerful & all knowing forces us to face the fact that our Gods invented pain because They wanted to. Our Gods enjoy pain & suffering because They have made it a critical part to all life. Does this make our Gods Evil? No, our Gods are not evil in character. How is that? Since our Gods created all good & evil, then They define what is good & what is evil, & our Gods define Themselves as Good & righteous. Although some of us might aruge that our Gods are evil, that doesn’t change anything because our Gods control everything & are accountable to no one.

If our Gods want to say They are good but treat you badly & make you suffer, then They are right & you are wrong. Our Gods own everything that exists, so it is foolish to tell Then that They can’t do what They want to do with Their creations. When Job questioned Yahweh, Yahweh responded by asking “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? ” (Job 38: 4 & 17). There are many things about this world that we do not fully understand & much less that of other worlds or dimensions our Gods have created.

While our Gods welcome sincere questions, it would be wise of us to keep soul attitudes of submission & reverence for our Gods.


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