What Separates A Legendary Guitarist From A Good Guitarist

What skills make a legendary guitarist?

1. Creativity

the #1 thing that separates a legend from other guitarists is their skill & ability to create music. It’s easy to be impressed by people on YouTube who play Sweet Child O’ Mine perfectly but at the end of the day, Slash is the one who created that song. Anyone can play someone else’s music, but to create your own music from nothing is something that only few ever do.

2. Rhythm

A guitar rhythm can be made of chords, riffs, progressions, & etc. Knowing this, the top legends are able to create memorable riffs & rhythm guitar playing.

3. Soloing

Comparing many great bands, one of the key indicators of a legendary guitarist is his/her ability to play solos. All the top guitarists in any style are able to play a great solo. A scale is only as useful to you as you know how to experiment with it & create the sounds you want to.

4. Improvisation

The top legends can all improvise. If you watch the legends play their top songs live, they usually play it differently each & every time. How? Since they practice so much creativity they are able to create different versions of the same song & solos easily. Creativity is a skill, not a gift.

5. Phrasing

There’s only 12 notes that exist in music. So how do we have so many styles of music & songs? It’s not about what notes you play but how you play them. Just like how there’s british english & american english, you need to work on developing accents, timing, specific wording & expressions. The specifics of what you work on depends on what kind of music you want to play.

How to become a legendary guitarist?

Simple, practice the above things mentioned. you are not going to become a legend if you only play covers of other people’s music. Practice creating your own music, learn from other musicians & let their music inspire you.


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