The Refreshing Grapefruit, Poem To God

Oh how I’ve complained,

I’ve testified against you,

But you always provided for all,

of my needs


To outside eyes,

To judgmental onlookers,

I have nothing,

I am nothing, but a fool,


But deep in my heart,

You make me see,

The overflowing of,

Blessings that I have received


Who else, but you my God

Has provided me with these things?

Food, shelter, clothing, & work

You have always given me


Yet above these,

There are more important things,

That You have given me;

A relationship, a purpose, & a bond.

Things which human eyes cannot see


But my soul can certainly feel & appreciate,

In my times of suffering or great joy,

You are like a cold grape fruit,

Bitter at first & not very pleasant


But with time, you grew into a satisfaction, a joy,

A privilege,

Something I desire & seek,

Something that gives life to my

Dry bones


Now in my older age,

I look forward to,

The tasting of the grapefruit


Why does it taste sweeter?

Why does my body reject junk food?

It’s because you have helped me

acquire a taste for the refreshing grapefruit


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