The Unfaithful Wife, Poem From God

Oh Unfaithful woman, I shall ask,

In what ways has my love for you been lacking?

In what ways has dishonesty escaped my mouth,

When on that day, I promised to be with you,

Through good & bad, & “Til death do us apart”?


Did I not uphold my word,

To lift you up in truth & in spirit?

I provided for all of your needs,

Lest I ever leave you wanting.

I clothed you in the finest linens the heavens had to offer,

I adorned your ears & neck with the finest Gold & silver.


On your hand I entrusted a diamond ring,

Worth more than the gold it was made of,

It was the symbol of our love & promise.

Through my efforts you became beautiful,

& all the nations acclaimed your beauty & splendor,

On account of how I made you perfect before them.


Yet you did not seek my face,

& hid yourself from me,

I knocked on your door, but you did not open,

Though we were man & wife, you despised me in your heart,

Though my heart I gave, to idols you prostituted yourself like a slave.


Oh Unfaithful woman,

I shall ask & you will instruct me,

Would our marriage not have been great?

Would our bond not have been a treasure,

& The fulfillment of human purpose?


Better than the riches in heaven I could offer,

If you simple accepted my offer,

To be fully devoted to Me your God,

For all of eternity?


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