Empty Hands, Overflowing Soul; Poem to God

I look around, I look around

I see new faces, but cold hearts

I ask around, what is your story?

Where do you come from?


Where do you go?

What are your people like?

What stars guide your travels?

I receive many different answers


But all linked to the same shadow

I feel lonely & stark naked before you

My God, I’ve given everything to

Follow you

My dreams, my hopes, my family

My heart, my satisfaction, & my time


I hoped to see a fruit bearing tree

Yet my tree is as barren as could be

Cold from the winter of my trials

But alive nonetheless


I can think back to a time that I knew

Nothing & I was happy

& now that I’ve opened my eyes

I’m bitter & lonely


But strangely, underneath my surface

There’s something alive that wasn’t before

Deeper than emotions can float free

There is a locked room, shared by You & I


Where we express our love for each other

In more ways, than my imagination can sway

That’s why you mentioned, a treasure so great

That I would give away

Everything I have, everything I own

Just to have it


So here we are, together in that room,

Locked away for all of eternity,

My world empty-handed,

But my soul overflowing


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