The Top 3 Most Heart Warming Ice Cream Movie Moments

Some people love popcorn to eat while they’re watching a movie, but most of us prefer to eat Ice Cream with our movies. It’s such a versatile food & trusty companion.

When your boyfriend dumps you, who do you usually sit down with for a netflix binge & cry session? Ice cream. When you’re watching a guy get his guts ripped out of him by the monster in the movie, you usually watch it with a nice bowl of ice cream. Even When you’re on a first date with a cute girl (Chicks Dig Ice Cream 😉 ) or taking your kids out for a treat, ice cream is always a great choice.

So why don’t you grab a nice bowl of rocky road & sit down to check out our 3 best ice cream moments in movie history?


In the movie, Mia Thermopolis, is at a royal banquette when she is given a special “Genovian”  ice cream. The problem is that she puts too much into her mouth at once & finds that it is too cold. Instead of spitting it back out & breaching royal etiquette, the diplomats sitting next to her put lots of ice cream & act silly so as to keep her from looking silly on her own.



In The Notebook,  Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) finally starts dating the girl that he really liked. In this scene they’re going on a date for ice cream when suddenly Allie (Rachel McAdams) puts ice cream all over Noah’s face & uses it as an excuse to be romantic/playful. Who knew ice cream could be so romantic?


In this movie scene, Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks), was shot in the buttocks but enemy troops. He is given as much ice cream as he wants to help him with his injury. When he’s put next to his lieutenant, lieutenant Dan (Gary Sinise), he insists that Dan eat some ice cream to make him feel better. Aww how sweet 🙂

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