The Top 4 Simplest & Fun First Date Ideas

The first date is all about the conversation & bonding with the other person. Although I write web content & do SEO I’m also human too & know a thing or two about romance & courtship 😉 I’m really into the idea of helping people in all of their romantic endeavours.

If calling to get a restaurant reservation or sitting through a silence filled movie is not your thing then helping you pick an amazing first date spot is the purpose of this post.


a county fair at night with light up rides like the ferris wheel & a carnival

The fair is an excellent first date idea. There’s food, games, & rides for you both to try. But most importantly there’s a chance for good conversation between the both of you. Take your date for a ride on the ferris wheel, shoot a couple of rounds, get some cotton candy & pop corn!



a couple toasting wine glasses in a picnic outside

There’s something about nature that has always inspired the greatest artists… The famous painter, Claude Monet, once remarked ” The richness I achieve comes from nature, someday I would like to paint the way a bird sings”. Here’s a great recipe for a wonderful evening: Some nature, food, a little wine & delicious conversation go a long way 🙂


sun set in a corn field

There’s something to be said about how overcoming challenges help develop strong bonds between two people. You see 2 strangers go off into the military only to come back after a couple of months as the best of friends. So grab your running shoes & a couple of waters & take your date on an adventure!



happy woman serving a gelato to customer in ice cream shop

This is a classy idea where it gives you a chance to enjoy a frozen treat & you’re date’s company at the same time. You can grab your frozen treats & go for a walk or sit down on a bench & talk about life while also people watching!

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