mysterious & unknown black man playing blues slide guitar

Killing Me So Softly, Poem To God

My God, Why do you kill me so softly?
I heard You had a way with Your voice
I heard You had a style with words, & a touching song
My Love, Why do you kill me so softly with Your song?

As I came to see You, I saw You so graceful in the spotlight
Dark room, & comfy chair, I sat down to listen for a while
You were a stranger to my eyes, but closer than a lover to my heart

As you began to strum my life with your strong hands
You told my life with your words
I felt my face flush with tears
Because while your hands are on the guitar
And Your sweet lips pressed against the mic
I felt both of them touch me

I felt You opened my heart like a book
With a tender touch, you flipped my pages
And read each chapter out loud

As you began to sing my song
You described my thoughts with your melody
I felt my heart hush its beating
Because while you sang a good song
And Your heart called for mine
I felt you killing me softly with Your Song


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