Outlaw Of Love, Poem To God

My God, I’ve got nowhere left to go
Are we there yet? Are we getting close?
No, All I’ve ever been told as a boy is “No”
Nights are getting colder as I get older

My tears all fall the same
Feeling the rain, I can’t change
I can’t burn or fix who I am
Everywhere I go is dark, I’m searching for the sunrise
There’s nowhere I can go, tears rolling down my eyes
They say You’ll send me to Hell, but You stay quiet
They’ve stepped on my heart enough, I’m a criminal for Your Love.

Scars make me who I am
Hearts are beaten, & homes are broken
You & I could go so far, If only You
Take me away, with my mid wide open

My God, I’ve got nowhere left to hide
When will it be my time? Can it be now?
No, that’s all you say is “No”
Never to find a home, I’m always on the run

“You’re a freak, a disgrace”…
“Why don’t you die already”…
“Your father never loved you, what makes you think He will”…
“Why don’t you go, you’re not welcome in my home”…
“You’re just poor & sad monster, a product of sin”…

Outlaw of love, I’m forced to run
I’m a criminal, because of Your love


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