Will We Ever Be Free To Love Each Other, Tales Of Romance Poems

Give me your heart, I don’t know where to start

Let’s take it slow, feeling like I’m about to blow

Let’s be friends, our lips make amends

Don’t come any closer, my feeling’s a wild rollercoaster

Don’t look at me, you read my like a book ya see

Lay your head on my arm, make me feel there’s no harm

Pirates steal treasure, but your heart gold could never measure

Robots connect, but destiny like ours rarely intersect

Aliens might land, but no worries cause together we will stand

Modern hearts are cold, but our souls know each other from old

words might flow, but souls & actions always show

Secret intentions, from you I don’t wanna hide my affection

Romance is all I’m thinking, “are you real?” My eyes keep blinking

Kiss me you might like me, many heart breaks make you wanna spite me

Will we ever be free to love each other, purest of purest like the love of a mother?


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