Book Of Love, Tales Of Romance Poem

Book of Love,

Only The God from up above,

could write such a tale,

of a romance that never went stale,

Who were these two?

“A special kind, of which only exists a few”

How did they meet? ‘Twas destiny’s feat!

Many chapters are written in the book of life

but very few take the darkness & give it light

The stage was set, with many heart breaks which fed

a deep need & desire, to find someone to keep the fire

within their hearts, lived a kind of spark

a curiosity if you will, to explore each other’s world until

the end of time, like a never-ending mystery’s rhyme

but do not be envious, for if it’s not them, be us

to find jealousy of a fairy tale, for fighting & arguments must be a detail

A detail to behold, pain & suffering do not make us old

but rather teach us lessons, like sincerity & heart’s confessions

compromise & concessions, learning to disagree comes in many sessions

turn the page turn the chapter, for in the tale there’s always room for laughter

Learning to understand true joy, is like speaking spanish & saying “Hoy”

Not too difficult & not too complicated, speak from the heart & misunderstanding can never confiscate it

The sincerity of your heart, is where this story will surely start


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