Carve Yourself Into Me, Poem To God

Don’t just cut me deep
Be more affectionate & generous
I want you to rip me apart

This way, You’ll see everything that used to hold me together
You’ll see what was deeply connected and what was easy to pull apart

Don’t use a knife,
Come let us reason together
I wan you to use your cold, lifeless hands instead

This way, I’ll feel the familiar chill when you dig me deep
You’ll see my organs stick to Your hands like insects on flypaper
So that when You remove Your hands
You also take my inner self with You

Don’t just rip my flesh out of my body
Let us be civilized
Take a knife & carve Yourself on my skin

Carve Your eternal passions on me, let them all unfold
Carve Your wild nature on the canvas of my skin
So that those who gaze upon my body, see how beautiful I am

After all, You made me into a masterpiece


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