Rhyming Rhyming, Certainly Losing My Mind In, Tales Of Romance Poems

Flutter flutter, my heart melts like butter

Stutter stutter, the thoughts on my mind begin to clutter

Fly away, with you it seems everyday

Let’s play, with you I wanna spend my day

Try me, my dear, I hope you buy me

Laughing, you make me feel all silly acting

Rhyming rhyming, certainly losing my mind in

Romance romance, you alone with I wanna dance

Blinding blinding, the light that comes in chiming

Songs songs, dancing all night long

Sweaty hands, in your eyes I see beautiful plans

Talk to me, like a black board use your story’s chalk on me

Written by God, you are so wonderfully odd

Never ending song, about you I think so long

Sitting ’round a fire, tales of endless joy never tire

clock ticks quarter to 12, deeper into my dreams I delve

Not feeling quite myself, in dreams like toys on a shelf

Waiting for you, lost cause I have no clue


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