My Son, I leave You In The Hands Of My Father, Poem Of God

Oh dear son of mine,
I cannot begin to imagine what you will be like,
Or who is the man you will choose to become
Such things only our Gods know

I caution you that the world you will enter is one of much pain & sorrow
But do not despair, for there is much joy to be had
Such is the way our Gods delight in the way They made the world

You will be born, live, & die alone as a human
But do not be sad, for a Father closer than a friend holds you in His hand
He holds you close to His heart
Before & much after you existed

I was not born into a joyous home
I experienced much pain at the hands of others
Had it not been for the purposeful plan of my Gods
I surely would’ve died in my youth
Or turned from Their ways & became wicked

My pain still doesn’t make sense to me
There have been many answers, with which my tears, I’ve longed for
But I know the Ones who hold my plans
And trusting in Them is always enough

My son, I will leave you in the hands of my true Father,
as He is Your Father as well
I encourage you to listen to all of His instructions
Like a child, be an eager pupil under the tutelage of a master
For pleasing Him, my son, we have no greater purpose

To where you go after this life I cannot choose, only you can decide on obedience to our Gods
You will meet many people, learn many things, see many evils, & fall in love
You will choose to disobey, following only your selfish pleasures
And You will experience many heart breaks & bitter disilusionments
You will ask many questions & seek many answers
Only to be handed doubt by the Ones who hold the keys to wisdom

But do not despair my son
For this is the will of our Gods
To live a life without joy & pain
To experience without selfishness & selflessness
To not suffer & to not have joy
Is to have a painting with no colors
Our Father is an artist, and you are His prized canvas
For with you, He will make a grand masterpiece
With His vast collection of colors and accents
He will make you beautiful before Him

You will be the expression of His passions
You will bring a smile to His face
But do not delay, for our time is limited
The choice is always yours to make

My son, we exist for the pleasure of our Gods
Do not forsake Their love or Their instruction
For They are the Ones who will guide you for all the days of your life
I encourage you to pursue Them wholeheartedly as I have
For I have many regrets, & many doubts

There are many things in this world
But you shouldn’t concern yourself too much
Though I cannot caution you against everything
I can recommend this one thing
Love your Gods with everything you are
This is what you were made for, this is your purpose

The joy I have found in loving my Gods with all my heart
Is my most prized possession
For without my Gods I am nothing

My son, I love you with all of my heart
And will always encourage you in all of your ways
My Gods, I love you with all I am, forever & always


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