Alone On The Dance Floor, Poem To God

Alone on the dance floor once more
Beat bumping & blood pulsing
Da da da, as my lips caress the melody
Darker than black, my clothes glisten in the light

Warm bodies brush up against mine
But cold hearts never meet

Got a burning feeling something’s missing
My only game, is to find my name
Nobody else sees but I’m stuck

Seems like forever
Stop pushing up against me
At least for a second
I feel that nothing’s changed

My name has crept away
Who am I? where am I?
Unpredictable is coming
But who’s finding me at the door?

Quietly, I find it’s harder to ignore
Look straight ahead, but there’s nothing left for me to see
Let it go, you & I could never be
Life’s got its hold tight on me

Take my envy away
It all looks the same
Wasting away in my life’s simplicity

Wake me up! Wake me up!
In my dreams, I have feelings
This place I blame, thought I could stop
But there’s no one calling for me
At the door

I forgot that I might need to find out what life could be
There are so many beautiful things
I cannot change my mind
I forgot I might see
All of the beautiful things


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