Blurring The Lines of Right And Wrong For You, Poem To God

I’ve blurred the lines of right & wrong
through my own selfishness
but I just really want You

I stand here with a gun to a man’s head
justifying his death with the orders you give me
but feeling bad
You always taught me that life is precious

I told myself I was good but here I stand
ready to kill someone precious to You
But for You I’d do anything
Does this make me evil?
Am I wrong for loving You?

I watch him sobbing, begging me to spare his life
My heart breaks on the inside,
While my face is colder than a winter night
“Shut up” I say, but “Why me God?”

This is how You remind me
Of who I really am
The words in my head,
And the trigger in my hand scream
“Are we there yet?”
I swear I still love you

As I pull the trigger
I end his life, & begin mine
I give him angels as I take demons
He’s made Forever young
And I soon to be old


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