When Aboard The Sampan, Poem Of God

My son, listen to your inner voice
I have been up the mountains of Song Shan
& traveled the narrow pathways of Dazu
But nothing could show me the voice inside

My Son, many teachers will contribute
& many bird’s songs will inspire
But all come from the voice inside
Though the earth is one, your path is also one

The voice inside will give you comfort
It will guide you in all your ways
Whether catching fish of the Yangtze
Or listening for His quite whisper

Atop the Wugong mountains
you shall see His splendor
As our fathers and the fathers before them
Have seen & found encouragement

My Son, do not scorn
The gentle whisper of a morning breeze
Nor the stern instruction of the Qigong
For these are merely our Father lifting us up
When we fall down

When aboard the sampan
Pay close attention to detail
Observe the water & all of its ripples
Listen to the instruction of our Father

My son, if He instructs
“Cast your net east of the hongshui”
Do so with a joyous heart
For in Him is your greatest reward


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