As The Sun Rises, Poem Of God

My Son
With your days on this earth
You will see many sunrises
As well as much nightfall

During sunrise there is light in the sky
But much darkness on the earth itself
As the night falls, there is darkness is the sky
But lights appear one by one on our earth

My Son
As you go to bed tonight
Do not be afraid
Of whether the monsters under your bed
Shall grace your feet with their claws

Or of whether the skeletons in your closet
Shall come out and over take you
Do not be afraid, of whether
The nightmares behind your eyes

Should come out to dance
For the nightmares, skeletons, & monsters alike
Are like the blink of an eye
Here one moment & gone the next

Stay attentive & be vigilant
For sunrise is soon to come
It is in the glow of the sun
That you shall see the beauty of the night

For a flower prepares its pedals
And the bees care for their young
For the bird cushions its nest
& the worm enjoys its last supper

As the sun rises and graces the land
Our Father pours out His loving instruction for you
Therefore, open your pedals and blossom my son
Give joy to the Father, who has always loved You


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