Father What Should I Desire For My Life Above All?, Poem To God

My son My son
Tears roll down my eyes
At seeing what a great man you’ve become
At all my riches and splendor
I realize I have nothing to truly give you
To leave you with shiny diamonds or
Fine linens is to disgrace your good character

Is it not written in history
That absolute riches
corrupt the soul absolutely?
Walking in my beautiful garden
You had asked me,
“Father what should I desire for my life above all?”

After taking the time to think
In my private study,
My true Father spoke to me
From the emptiness of the blank pages before me

I implore you to ask for a deeper relationship with your true Father
As well as great pain, suffering, & loneliness
Why would I ever wish such horrible things upon my beloved son?
My son, to wish you great happiness is to rob you of the very thing that you were designed to do
To grow closer to God & to evolve eternally are your true purpose

If I could wish one thing
I would wish that our loving Father inflict the greatest pain and suffering upon you
To ask for pain for the sake of martyrdom has no reward
Your treasure lies in the willingness to learn from said pain
Your gold is hidden deep within the sincerity of yourself
With no pain there is no growth

Like a seed that is destroyed to make a tree
Or a woman experiences intense pain before a child is born
So too, you must experience much pain before you are “complete”
Even then my son, your journey will not come to an end
This is not a bad thing
But rather the greatest news

That our Father invite us to eternally grow closer to His heart
I have not found a greater delight
That offering my heart to the One
Who has owned it since before
He made me & much after I cease to exist

There is a time to come & indeed it is here now
Where we will not worship the Father nor here nor there
But in spirit & in truth
For our Father seeks those who are willing to offer their hearts


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