Make You Like New Again, Poem To God

Come to me
All of you
Who are broken, weary, & tired

For I will make you like new again
I will make you a masterpiece
Worthwhile, worth a second glance
I will take all of your broken & stained pieces
And make you whole again

Take my yoke upon you
Fro my labor will give you
The fruit of this land
Something which will take shape
With the use of
your blood and sweat

May the sweat of your brow
And the tear of your eye
Land on the soil & produce fruit
May your broken pieces be thrown
Into the fire so they may be melted together

May the vultures eat away your rotting corpse
So that nothing but the your naked heart is seen before Him
May the strength of your legs fail you
So that His arms may lift you up

May every heartbreak add onto you
So that from each lesson, more you will be able to take away
May your hardened exterior be beaten with a hammer
So as to reveal the shape of a masterpiece

May your pain and sacrifice be offered to our God
So that He may find pleasure in your sincere heart


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