Death, Will You Stay For Tea? Poem

Knock, Knock I hear at my door
“Who’d be knocking at 3 am?”, my headache seared
I slumped myself upright & put my glasses on
“Who could that be?”

As I went to open the door
I peaked through the hole
Never had I seen such an elegant stranger

“Oh my” I checked my heart
“Still there, still beating”
I opened the door
Nice noir velvet robe
Deep Sea blue eyes
A Scolding paladin’s pale bones
Complemented by a somber expression

“It’s nice to finally meet you”
The air was chilled
But your hand as warm as
A mother’s goodbye hug

“What’s this? A flower for me?”
“Yes, I didn’t know how much time I had left”
“Nobody ever has a flower for me”
“Who said death wasn’t classy?”
We both had ourselves a good laugh

“Since we’re both up, you mind me making tea?”
“I would love that, no one ever greets me with anything but frustration”
“Haha well consider this a thank you. For ensuring our safe travels unto eternity”
“Now, will that be 1 or 2 sugars?”

“I’ve always found your race to be fascinating”
“What do you find fascinating about us?”
“Many things, like your capacity to love, to feel, to live”
“Having feelings is a difficult thing, they can cause us to make stupid decisions”
“Do they not also cause you to sprout wings and fly to lands you’ve never before seen?”
“Haha yes they do”

“I’ve always found it interesting how you can
Care for someone, how you can do this thing called dancing
Or how you can stand in the middle of a field of flowers
And feel nothing but joy. These things elude me, as I’ve seen them through all time.”
“I’ve never seen a species more beautiful, more fascinating.
It’s as though what makes your lives beautiful,
is the fact that you will never ever be here again.
You live because you die. You love, because all you have is now”

Death, can I ask you for one last thing?
Can you play me that song on the piano
That I always loved so much?
“Consider it a parting gift, my old friend”

As you laced the piano keys
With you softest touch
They struck into me
Like lemons with honey
It was like the first time I fell in love
Only to be followed by having my little heart broken

You killed me ever so softly
It felt like a time when I was three
I fell down & scraped my knee
only to have my mom kiss & hug me after
“It’ll be okay sweetie” She soothingly whispered

“My mom sure was great, I really miss her”
“She sure was something” you continued to coax the piano
“I wonder what she would say at how my life turned out”
“She’d be very proud of you”
“You really think so?”
“I know so”

I stood there in the spotlight of the darkened room
& took one final dance
To celebrate the beginning of the end
To dance from the ending of time
Into the beginning of my eternity


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