In The Cementary, Poem To God

In the cemetery, in the cemetery
This is the only place, where lessons will vary
Where your heart will be sullen
As your thoughts go to those fallen

This man died of a broken heart
For his family’s love did not start
That woman gave her life
For her son was under the knife

A skeleton cannot dance
For without a heart, there is no romance
The blind cannot see
For the eyes taken, is the ultimate fee

Head the warnings you see in the cemetery
For the lessons you will learn, certainly vary

From lessons on loving you God
To avoiding pain, you should not have forgone
To making every decision count
For without little grains of sand, you have no mount

Love with all your heart
Give your strength, all from the start
And think with all your mind
For in this, God is kind

For your God is one
Desiring His will, you have surely won
This is the meaning of your life
Choose Him, with all your might


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